Navigating UVA

Below are answers to some of our frequently asked questions regarding school life at UVA.

Enrollment FAQ's

How do I get priority enrollment?

Veterans, active duty service members, reservists, and ROTC cadets are eligible for priority enrollment at the University of Virginia. The following link will take you to the forms section of the Registrar's Page.

What and where is the Military Educational Benefits Request form?

All veterans need to request the school's certifying official confirm their enrollment to the VA before the start of each semester. The following link till take you to the forms section of the Registrar's Page.

What is the new VA monthly enrollment?

Post-9/11 GI Bill® students attending IHL facilities who receive Monthly Housing Allowance
(MHA) and/or kicker payments are required to verify enrollment at the end of each month starting on or after December 17, 2021. See the link for a guide.

I plan to graduate early, how do proceed?

If the school recognizes you as a first-year (applies to Posse Scholars), you will need to access SIS > Academics > Programs, and then confrim your expected graduation date. If that is different than your plan, contact the school registrar.

What are the add / drop / withdraw dates?

Your add, drop, and withdraw dates are specific to the school that the class if offered from. For example, an Engineering student enrolled in a College of Arts and Sciences course must follow the College deadlines. This link will take you to the registrar site where these dates are published by school by semester

Will UVA accept my transfer credits?

Students in the School of Arts and Science will need to email (Ms. Erin O'Donnell) as soon as they are accepted with a copy of their transcripts in order to be reviewed for transfer credit. For any classes that go unaccepted something that has worked in the past is reaching out to a professor who teaches a similar class. Many times showing them a syllabus of your previous class and asking if they could give credit has been successful. Keep in mind, reviews do not typically start until the semester. You will have to wait for a full evaluation after you have enrolled in classes.

How do I keep track of all the dates?

Below is a link to the UVa academic calendar which records a lot of the critical dates in the university such as finals dates, reading days, days off, and course start and end dates.

Finance FAQ's

How do I contact the Finance office?

The UVA finance office is found at 1001 North Emmet Street and can be reached at either 434-982-6000 or For many issues facing veterans its recommended that you email the veteran benefits
office at

What's the Veterans (pending benefits) hold?

"Veteran (pending benefits)" is a common hold that veterans see on their SIS account but it does not stop any veteran from changing classes or making payments to the school. Its best once you see this hold to confirm you certified your status as a student with the VA and confirm you have update your MEBR form for the current semester. Email if you are unsure if you submitted an MEBR form.

Where do I access my finances?

All financial payments made to the university are made through the UVAPay site. A comprehensive view of your finances can be seen on the
"Financials / What I owe" section of SIS. You can access the UVAPay site from this same section of SIS.

How does housing work for me?

UVA does not offer special accommodations for Veterans attempting to live on-grounds. They do however offer graduate housing for veterans on a case by case basis in the Copeley Hill housing area. The school also partners with many off ground housing companies and created a website for students to use. Below are the links to both the graduate and off-grounds housing site.

Medical FAQ's

Where's my clinic?

Our local VA clinic is found at 590 Peter Jefferson Pkwy #250 and can be reached at 434-293-3890. They offer Laboratory/Pathology, Mental health, Pharmacy, and Primary care options for those who are interested.

Do I have to get UVA Healthcare?

All students at the University of Virginia charged the full comprehensive fees with their tuition are required to have health insurance. As veterans if you receive VA Health care you can either submit proof/waiver of your health insurance or enroll in the UVA Aetna Student Health Plan by these key deadlines. Follow this link to learn how.

Inter-School Transfer FAQ's

How Do I transfer into the E-school?

UVA Engineering has two transfer application deadlines per year, in December and June. The following link outlines a number of prerequisite courses to take, minimum GPA, and the application itself. You do not "have to" have all courses complete to apply but it is HIGHLY recommended you have them complete when you apply. Students will declare their major on their transfer application.

How do I get into the Nursing school?

UVA offers two options into its BSN program for college students who wish to transfer in from within UVA. The Nursing Program at UVA is a highly competitive it's recommended that veterans looking to study nursing should apply directly to the Nursing school and those looking to transfer should so as soon as possible (within your first year). Below is the link to the outline of both programs and their requirements.

How do I apply to the Commerce school?

You are encouraged to complete two years, including these prerequisites courses, at your current school of enrollment. The School requires you to have a minimum of 54 transferable credits.

How do I get into the Architecture school?

Schedule an advising meeting with Tashana Starks, Assistant Director of Advising + Academic Support as soon as you discover your interest in transferring into the School of Architecture. You will need to complete their application, submit a letter of intent, and have 2 letters of recommendation. There are more major specific requirement that can be found though this link.

How do I get into the College of Arts and Science?

You should apply for transfer into the College in your first or second year. Because of the strictly enforced College requirements, it is generally not possible for students to transfer after their second year. If you do wish to apply in your third year, you must declare a major at the time of application and you should consult with the Association Dean in charge of Intra-University Transfers.

How do I get into the Batten school?

The Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy and Leadership is available to current UVA undergraduate students and undergraduate transfer students. To be eligible for admission, students must have accumulated 60 credits prior to admission to the Batten School and there are 3 prerequisite courses. Admitted students will enroll in the degree program for their final two years at UVA. The following link will take you to their undergraduate page.

Summer FAQ's

What is considered "full-time" for summer classes?

The VA determines the rate of pursuit based on the number of credits and the start/end dates of the courses during summer. This is because summer is a non-standard term length. The University considers students full-time at 6 credit hours in the summer.

Can I certify multiple sessions together to be considered full time?

We will certify the actual start/end dates of the courses. If the courses overlap, that increases the chance you will be considered full-time.

I'm worried about having enough time to finish my undergraduate degree, how much time will be deducted from my GI BIll per summer session?

You may want to consider using other funds to cover the summer session. Your remaining eligibility will be reduced by the total number of full-time days during the summer. The VA can assist you in determining this. It is always more advantageous to use your VA benefits during the spring and fall semesters. You should contact SFS to determine what other funding options may be available.

Can I take multiple classes in a single session?

Yes, if that is your preference.

How will the online class interface for the summer affect payments?

Courses that are converted online because of COVID-19 are still eligible for the monthly housing allowance and tuition payment. Courses that were traditionally web-based will still only qualify for the online monthly housing allowance but will still be eligible for the tuition payment.

Will the VA payments for tuition cover the additional fees? (SLI, activity, etc)

Any additional fees (SLI fee, Summer Language Institute Fee, housing) cannot be certified.

Can I use FAFSA for summer classes?

You need to contact Student Financial Services ( for assistance with FAFSA and financial aid.

Does the GI Bill cover the summer language institute? (SLI)

Yes, for all SLI programs except Arabic and Chinese.

Last updated: 27 OCT 2023