We are the Student Veterans of America at the University of Virginia

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What we do on Grounds

Make ourselves known

The University of Virginia is the ninth-best college for veterans. However, we have a lot of work to do when it comes to being a club and having an actual presence on Grounds. We are constantly working on bettering Mr. Jefferson's University for future student veterans.

Community Tutors

We as veterans tend to stick together. As such, we like to help each other out and tutor the newer student vets. If you need help with a class let us know, we'll try to find someone who can help you.


We host socials once a month each semester to help each other unwind and relax from our studies. Sign up to get our newsletter.

Who We Are

SVA Executive Team

Timothy Brown


US Navy Veteran
Pre-Commerce '24
Computer Science Minor

Michael Haas


US Navy Veteran
Pre-Health '24

Kimberly Ababa


US Marine Corps Veteran
College of Arts & Sciences '24

Austin Cox

Financial Officer

US Army Veteran
Commerce '24
Data Science Minor

Alyssa Candelmo

Communications Officer

US Navy Veteran
Foreign Affairs & Psychology '21
Batten MPP ‘22 Candidate

Stacy Becenti

Volunteer and Service Director

US Air Force Veteran
Foreign Affairs '22
Philosophy Minor

Jeffrey Lovelace

Faculty Advisor

US Army Veteran
Assistant Professor of Commerce;
Director, Leadership Minor


How do I contact the SVA @ UVA?

You can contact us by:
Email: studentvetsuva@gmail.com
Facebook: "Student Veterans of America at UVA"
Instagram: @uvaveteran

What are the benefits of being apart of SVA?

Nobody knows what it's like to be a student veteran other than other student veterans. We aim to help each other through this process by providing advice and camaraderie for each other.

Where can I find information on GI Bill benefits?

On top of this site there is a "Checklist" tab. Click there to view the checklist.

What should I bring as an incoming student?

For a list of what to bring to Mr. Jefferson's University please click on this link: https://housing.virginia.edu/what-to-bring-faq

How do I get in contact with the veterans benefits coordinator?

The best way to answer any benefits-related questions is to email veteransbenefits@virginia.edu.

Are there any scholarship/grant opportunities available?

There are many scholarships and grants available to all students and some specifically for student veterans. You can find them at this link: https://alumni.virginia.edu/scholarships/

SIS is confusing. Do you have any tips on understanding the student information system?

There are a some webpages that the University has made in order to help you understand how to navigate the system. Try these links first: https://virginia.service-now.com/its?id=itsweb_kb_article&sys_id=6ab28cd3db7ac744f032f1f51d961911
https://virginia.service-now.com/its?id=itsweb_kb_article&sys_id=26d33eb8db809f004f32fb671d96191fIf these do not help you don't hesitate to contact us below and a fellow student veteran will do their best to assist you.

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