Summer FAQ's

Below are answers to some of our frequently asked questions regarding summer school at UVA.

What is considered "full-time" for summer classes?

The VA determines the rate of pursuit based on the number of credits and the start/end dates of the courses during summer. This is because summer is a non-standard term length. The University considers students full-time at 6 credit hours in the summer.

Can I certify multiple sessions together to be considered full time?

We will certify the actual start/end dates of the courses. If the courses overlap, that increases the chance you will be considered full-time.

I'm worried about having enough time to finish my undergraduate degree, how much time will be deducted from my GI BIll per summer session?

You may want to consider using other funds to cover the summer session. Your remaining eligibility will be reduced by the total number of full-time days during the summer. The VA can assist you in determining this. It is always more advantageous to use your VA benefits during the spring and fall semesters. You should contact SFS to determine what other funding options may be available.

Can I take multiple classes in a single session?

Yes, if that is your preference.

How will the online class interface for the summer affect payments?

Courses that are converted online because of COVID-19 are still eligible for the monthly housing allowance and tuition payment. Courses that were traditionally web-based will still only qualify for the online monthly housing allowance but will still be eligible for the tuition payment.

Will the VA payments for tuition cover the additional fees? (SLI, activity, etc)

Any additional fees (SLI fee, Summer Language Institute Fee, housing) cannot be certified.

Can I use FAFSA for summer classes?

You need to contact Student Financial Services ( for assistance with FAFSA and financial aid.

Does the GI Bill cover the summer language institute? (SLI)

Yes, for all SLI programs except Arabic and Chinese.

Last updated: 7 APR 2020

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